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So feiert die Welt das Fest der Liebe

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    🎄🎅 Nach Abschluss meiner Klausuren habe ich die Weihnachtsfeiertage in…

    🎄🎅 Nach Abschluss meiner Klausuren habe ich die Weihnachtsfeiertage in Irland verbracht. So konnte ich die festliche Stimmung auf dem Weihnachtsmarkt in der Dublin Castle miterleben, bevor ich für die Festtage in den Südwesten der Insel aufgebrochen bin. Mehr darüber wie ich meine Festtage in Irland verbracht habe findest du in meinem neuen Blogbeitrag für @studierenweltweit #christmas #ireland #studierenweltweit #erlebees

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    Holidays Tico Style 💫🏞🇨🇷…

    Holidays Tico Style 💫🏞🇨🇷Three days filled with friends, food, fun, lots of laughter and some waterfalls! Thanks you so much for making this time of the year so uniquely beautiful. I would have not expected it, but honestly this probably makes the list of one of my favorite christmases ever?On Christmas Eve, we started the day with some grocery shopping and decorating, before a relaxed dinner turned into a small fiesta with some drinks and games.After that I spend half of Christmas Day curing a small hangover (first time ever on holidays?!), hanging out and playing chess and finally getting dinner and drinks in a small tico restaurant.The 26th, we hiked to two waterfalls in the Turrialba region, where we took a dip in the very cold water - and headed to warm up with some pizza and aqua dulce (hot sugarcane juice, 10/10 would recommend).Even if I was away from the people I would usually spend this time with, and everything was quite a harsh break with the traditions I grew up with, I can definitely say I had a blast. Next year it’s gonna be cookies, church, cold weather and family dinners again and I am looking forward to that, too! ❄️🎄✨Have you ever spend the Holidays was differently than usual?#holidays #costarica #puravida #travelblog #turrialba #christmas #christmasdinner #traditions #studyabroad #christmasabroad #explorecostarica #ticotico #erlebees

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    Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates, and happy holidays to all!✨💫…

    Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates, and happy holidays to all!✨💫Although this is not my first Christmas abroad - 2017 I spend Christmas Eve on a boat on the Mekong River - it is my first Christmas without my parents which is a weird feeling.Since this holiday is about unconditional love, to me personally it is not important where you celebrate, or if you have all the decorations, or if the dinner is perfectly instagrammable. To me it is about connecting with people, about finding some peace and calm in the traditions that one might have and to celebrate loving each other! 🎄Christmas with my parents is for me personally very connected with music: Singing together is one of the most important rituals that we have and it holds a very special place in my heart. Not having this tradition tonight makes me a little sad, but I am excited for new things to come: Instead I will spend the evening with some new friends and housemates, we will cook some good food together and maybe play some board games 🎲So I want to send some love to my friends and family at home, and I want you all to know that I am thinking of you and miss you! May you find some peace of mind and some love in those who surround you these days.⭐️🤍⭐️#christmas #costarica #studyabroad #sanjose #puravida #travelgram #holidayseason #centralvalley #erlebees #talamanca #montaña

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    Can‘t believe I made it!! The semester is done and so am I ✨ …

    Can‘t believe I made it!! The semester is done and so am I ✨Last Thursday was the last day of classes, and after a great last weekend with all the amazing people here it was time to say goodbye to all of my classmates :( A lot of people are headed home right now, but I chose to spend Christmas, New Years and January abroad as well. So I better get in the holiday spirit soon - which is easier said than done, somehow the dark, muddy german winter is missing…🌧But yesterday we baked some Christmas cookies, today we might be going shopping for a tree and maybe tomorrow or on Saturday we‘re headed to the beach for a bit. So I guess there is worse ways to spend this time! 🎄✨#studyabroad #costarica #puravida #studierenweltweit #erlebees #christmasabroad #sanjose #holidayspirit #christmastree #lifestyle #travel

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